Compact Workouts for Limited Space and Equipment

Sometimes, you just crave some solo workout time in your cabin with little or no equipment. Embrace your personal workout haven with these cabin-friendly exercises that require minimal space and equipment:

  • Chair Dips: Tone those triceps using a sturdy chair. Sit on the edge, grip the seat, slide off, and dip.
  • Bodyweight Squats and Lunges: Master the art of squats and lunges to strengthen your legs and glutes, perfect for maintaining stability at sea.
  • Resistance Band Rows: Loop a resistance band around a fixed point and row away. It’s a compact way to build your lats, traps, and delts.
  • Plank Variations: Challenge your core with planks. Mix it up with side planks, plank jacks, or mountain climbers—all without needing extra space.
  • Seafarer’s Push-Ups: Modify your push-ups to cater to ship life. Try incline push-ups using the edge of your bunk for an added challenge.
  • Cabin Cardio: Turn your quarters into a cardio haven. High knees, jumping jacks, jump roping, or shadow boxing.

Your cabin can be your private fitness sanctuary. Whether it’s a few minutes or a full session, make it yours! 🚢💪

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