Fitness can be social onboard

Spending months away at sea, it can get a bit lonely on board. Fitness and training can become more than your personal routine—it can become a bonding force with your onboard colleagues.

Circuit training. Consider incorporating circuit training—rotate through machines with others who have a similar routine and schedule. This also makes the most of a snug gym!

Workout buddy. On a heavier lifting day, opt for a workout buddy, taking turns spotting each other for safety, support, and rest between sets.

Camaraderie. Create a cohort of training friends to exchange tips, provide encouragement, and share progress updates. Even when you can’t train together, the fellowship keeps the motivation afloat!

Healthy Competition. Adding an element of play or healthy competition, as long as you remember to put safety first, can transform your time on board into a joyous and confidence-building journey.

May the workouts not only keep you fit but also become a highlight of the voyage! ⚓🏋️‍♂️

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