Ichor Holistic Executive Coaching

Ichor executive coaching takes a holistic focus, addressing not only professional but overall wellbeing and success. Our own Managing Partner Joanne works with you to elicit goals, explore possibilities, create options, and evoke action that help you attain your professional, fitness and life potential.

Joanne has been a senior HR professional for decades and has worked with some of the most successful people under the most demanding circumstances in leading organizations including GasLog, Euronav, Coca-Cola Hellenic, and McKinsey & Co., Inc.


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She has coached and mentored dozens of colleagues and executives and is a lifelong fitness enthusiast and mother of three. Joanne is a ICF certified internal coach, NASM certified personal trainer and nutritionist and holds an MA Liberal Arts and BSc Business Administration.

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at Ruler Digital Agency

My executive coaching experience with Joanne over 6 months has been truly transformative, empowering me to fortify my position as a CEO. This journey not only altered my perspective but also equipped me with invaluable tools to elevate my skills as a CEO, transitioning to becoming a maestro of my domain. Joanne's guidance and support were instrumental in helping me navigate uncharted waters, and the results are already evident in the way I now manage my company. This process has been a game-changer for me.


University provost

Fitness Enthusiast

In the beginning I urgently needed physical conditioning and strengthening. My improvements were immediate and measurable, leading to a love of fitness. I now look forward to my daily training with Thodoris. Beyond fitness and nutrition coaching, Thodoris and the Ichor team have accompanied me on my frequent travels with practical advice and guidance, always gracious and encouraging.


Maritime IT Professional

Mind/body developer

Since joining Ichor, my mind-body wellbeing have transformed to another level. The Ichor team act like gears, like clockwork. Thodoris, Jenna and Joanne are people with emotional intelligence and that strikes to the essence of what Ichor does. Thodoris is a mentor, willing and present in more ways than a personal trainer suggests. The continuous contact keeps no pale goals and the drive is genuine, something you can identify with. As a maritime IT professional, I want to do my part in getting Ichor to reach more people onboard vessels where their partnership and support will fill vital needs. 


Manager, NYC firm

Ambitious professional and parent

Joanne has made a profound impact in my career helping me think and act strategically.  Our discussions have allowed me a safe space to talk about both professional and personal challenges that have helped me grow as a manager.  Especially as a woman, it is important to learn how to effectively communicate, make decisions and have a strategy for my career development.  I feel more confident and capable as a result of my coaching experience with Joanne.


Flight Engineer

Olympic-level water polo and lifelong athlete

Thodoris reviewed and changed the mix of my training routine, introducing new elements and building my strength and ability consistently. I am performing with better results and less effort. Ichor has earned my full trust.



Developing Bodybuilder

My friends say I am unrecognizable. More than just physically, I have a strength and confidence that carries over into everything I do. Ichor has helped me see myself as an athlete and this is now a part of my identity.


International PR Executive

Hiker and Fitness Believer

Theo's consistent personal care of my specific needs during personally challenging times gives me continuous motivation. Ichor came to me at a necessary time in my life. Due to my tumultuous travel schedule, I was not able to stick to any routine plan. Ichor provided the structure and guidance I needed. Theo adapts my program based on my schedule and my personal goals. I am no longer alone; I have an ally supporting me at every step. I’m feeling better, sleeping better, and most of all I am committed and motivated. I am setting new goals. I’m in this for the long term!