Ichor Premium

Our flagship program, Ichor Premium is a transformative holistic fitness experience. Realizing your full potential is what Ichor Premium is all about.

The Ichor Premium 4-step comprehensive program - assess, plan, train, adjust – gives you just the right balance of structure and autonomy and delivers unparalleled personalized results.


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  • Kick off your journey with an in-depth consultation with the Ichor team, reviewing your baseline, goals, values, and focus areas.
  • Your dedicated remote personal trainer custom-builds your individual training program, schedules it for you on the Ichor app, and regularly adjusts it around your evolving lifestyle and as progressive adaptations occur.
  • We maintain human connection and partnership throughout your journey through calls, messages, meetings, and form checks. You decide the level of engagement – all included in our competitive price.
  • We share accountability as we guide, motivate, troubleshoot, and adjust.
  • You can choose to connect with a like-minded community, celebrate progress, and set up and achieve group or individual challenges.
  • Stay on top of your nutrition with our integrated app that helps you track your calorie and micronutrient balance.

Ichor Premium is an investment in your health and fitness, leading to tangible, life-changing results.